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What are the best areas of Medellin to Live in?

Posted by Joseph Sexton on April 8, 2022

We decided to see which are the best areas of Medellin to live based on the searches carried out by our users.

One of the most innovative and modern cities in all of Latin America, and a wide variety of houses and apartments for sale, and thousands of properties for rent.

Medellín contains an inexhaustible range of places, offering all kinds of contrasts. From the most popular streets to the most financial, from the busiest to the quietest areas, the neighborhoods of Medellín are a sample of Colombian diversity.

El Poblado

We start with one of the best-known neighborhoods and the most exclusive sector of the city. This sector stands out for its incredible range of shops, bars and restaurants, party venues, and various lodging options. A nice combination of tall buildings and beautiful trees.

Located in the south-eastern area, it is commune 14 and contains 23 neighborhoods, being the area that extends the largest number of hectares in the city.

El Poblado has places of interest such as Parque Lleras, the San Fernando Plaza complex or the Golden Mile of Medellin.


This pleasant residential neighborhood in the center of Medellín is a neighborhood to read a book along with a red wine, from the coffee plantations of Antioquia.

It is located in commune 11, in the central-western part of the city. It is a sector with contemporary architectural designs that extend through the 15 neighborhoods that are part of the commune.

Headquarters of the Atanasio Girardot Sports Unit noted in the city for having the soccer stadium, baseball stadium, or the covered Iván de Bedout coliseum.

In addition to having important educational centers such as the Grancolombiano Polytechnic, Luis Amigo Catholic University, there is also the presence of cultural places such as the Events Center of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia.


It is a residential sector, where there is a good presence of university and hospital entities, as well as places of interest such as the Cerro el Volador Ecoparkthe Faculty of Mines or the Tomás Carrasquilla Library.

Located in commune 7 to the northwest of the city, it has a total of 25 neighborhoods and is considered one of the quietest neighborhoods in the city.

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