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How to Invest in Medellin Real Estate

Posted by Joseph Sexton on July 31, 2022

If you are considering moving to Medellin-Colombia or even looking for investment opportunities. This is a good time to do it. Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and has beautiful landscapes, tropical weather, and statuesque mountains that offer the best urban lifestyle at a reasonable price. Now is as good a time as any to look for Medellin real estate.

This booming economy still has reasonable prices. Medellín was voted “Innovative City of the Year” in a 2013 contest organized by the Urban Land Institute and the Wall Street Journal.

With a growing reputation for its universities, fashion, festivals, nightlife, rich cultural history, and transportation system. Medellín has given up its old reputation for violence. And it has emerged as a leader in political and cultural ethics.

Beautiful landscapes, extensive parks, and museums make tourists flock to the country. It is not surprising that real estate investments in Medellin are growing. If you are looking for real estate in Medellin, some of the most sought-after neighborhoods to live in are listed below.

Buying property in Colombia

You may be wondering, “can foreigners buy properties in Medellin?” And the answer is yes. Unlike many other parts of the world, the investment opportunities in Colombia are practically the same for foreigners as for Colombians.

There are investment opportunities in Colombia because the local government recognizes the importance of foreign investors.

To acquire real estate, using a passport. But it is not necessary to be a Colombian citizen. When you purchase property, it will help you become eligible for a Colombian investment visa.

It is essential to recognize that a foreigner must keep two things in mind when buying real estate in Colombia: there is no escrow and there is no title insurance. Be sure to hire an attorney who understands the importance of doing background checks and title searches.

Renting in Colombia

Even if you are just looking to rent, Before committing you should inform yourself of the rules and regulations.

Short-term rentals are illegal in Colombia. If you want to stay for less than a month, you should look at websites like Airbnb.

There are several real estate agents with a limited level of English in Colombia. You should make sure to bring a friend who speaks Spanish to translate for you to avoid misunderstandings.

In Colombia, lease contracts are automatically renewed unless notified in writing before the previously agreed time.

In case of early termination of a lease, a penalty applies to both the resident and the landlord. The usual term is three months to end a rental contract in Colombia.

Neighborhoods in Medellín

Here we are going to list some of the most popular neighborhoods to invest in, with picturesque valleys, mountains, and mild temperatures. New residents and tourists often seek housing in condominiums and skyscrapers in trendy areas such as El Poblado, Belén, Parque Lleras, Laureles, Envigado, or Sabaneta.

El Poblado

El Poblado is the city’s most popular for tourists and foreigners, as well as the wealthiest neighborhood. This community is made up of high-rise luxury apartments, winding tree-lined streets, parks, cafes, restaurants, high-end stores, and yoga studios.

Avenida El Poblado features a strip of stores, restaurants, hotels, clubs, supermarkets, medical facilities, cafes, Banks, and more, known as the Golden Mile. This area offers everything residents could need but will be priced higher than most areas due to the exclusivity.


Bethlehem is known as the most fun place to live or visit because it is a former working-class city with an industrial heritage. Here you can enjoy some of the best places to mingle with the locals and experience the culture firsthand.

This neighborhood is on its way to becoming Medellín’s most desirable place to live. In addition to being rich in culture, it has a thriving nightlife, but borders on natural beauty and excursions with plenty of parks and other outdoor activities.

Lleras Park

This trendy neighborhood is made up of blocks of glamorous restaurants, cafes, and bars to dazzle the nightlife of the El Poblado area.

Once known as an affordable haven for peasants and poor migrants who had nowhere else to go, this area is now home to some of the best nightspots, hostels, stores, and hotels that the wealthy flock to. Due to the popularity of this place, it will cost more to stay in this area.


This upper-middle-class neighborhood is best suited for conservative buyers or families looking for a stable and secure place to put down roots.

Laureles, built in the 1930s, owes its name to the laurels that line its streets. Single-family homes and modest apartment buildings are nestled in the winding streets of the traffic circle. Nearby are quaint stores offering necessities for those who live here.

Within walking distance are several restaurants, cafes, stores, and other small businesses that make it feel like a cozy community while offering the convenience of a small metropolis.


This municipality is loved by the community for the luxuries of the modern world but with authentic quality. This neighborhood’s plaza features a colonial-era church and is amid cafes, restaurants, and bars, perfect for socializing.

Enjoy restaurants offering food rich in culture and culinary flavor, where locals can watch artists perform.

This area is perfect for getting out into nature. Hiking, bird watchin,g and mountain biking are available for those who wish to enjoy the scenery. Envigado is for those who enjoy socializing with the option of getting back to nature.


Sabaneta is the smallest of the municipalities in the Medellín area and is the smallest in Colombia. It may only be 15 kilometers. But it boasts a beautiful city with the quaint character of a village.

Sabaneta’s pace differs from other municipalities in that, rather than focusing on socializing, the nightlife has a relaxed air, rich in Spanish colonial heritage. The town square has a social center where you will find people enjoying a coffee in the street cafes.

Sabaneta is a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends. You can also mingle with strangers who will love to chat with anyone willing to spend some time.

Last words

In Medellin, Colombia, many great neighborhoods. From rustic charm to bustle and modernity. Each community in Medellin offers beautiful landscapes and exciting vacation tours. Wherever you decide to settle, these charming neighborhoods are as charming as the people who live in them.

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