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Get to know the best neighborhoods to live in El Poblado

Posted by Joseph Sexton on April 15, 2022

Get to know the best neighborhoods to live in El Poblado and enjoy the best restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and nightclubs in the city.

Made up of 23 neighborhoods, El Poblado has been characterized by its great architectural transformation, where it is still possible to find old houses with large spaces, which share the area with modern and luxurious buildings with complete recreational areas to enjoy with family and friends.

It does not matter if you are looking for small apartments, lofts, houses, or apartments in El Poblado, due to its great appeal and demand, the housing offer is extremely wide, adapting to the needs and tastes of all types of families. Currently, the average price per square meter in El Poblado is $4.73 million, with the minimum being $3.65 and the maximum being $10.27 million.

Here we have a top 5 of the best neighborhoods to live in El Poblado so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and preference.

Santa María de los Ángeles

Living in Santa María de los Ángeles is living in a place where you can breathe peace, nature, and culture. This residential neighborhood of Poblado has an excellent location near universities, shopping centers, and clinics.

The neighborhood is between the Regional and El Poblado avenues, and between 12th South Street and 19th South Street, bordering Bosques de Zuñiga, La Aguacatala, and El Castillo. One of its main advantages is transportation, since it has different bus routes and the Aguacatala Metro station, from where you can take its integrated buses.

Although the price per square meter in the area is not the cheapest, the apartments in Santa María de los Ángeles are worth every dollar for the great quality of life they offer to their residents.

Patio Bonito

Imagine the following picture: large mansions and few buildings surrounded by leafy trees, where beautiful colored birds perch singing. Just like Patio Bonito, a picturesque neighborhood located in El Poblado.

This sector is one of the most desired in Medellín thanks to its security, traditional style and privileged location. And it is that the apartments in Patio Bonito mix perfectly between delicious restaurants and commercial premises.

If you decide to buy a home in Patio Bonito you won’t have to worry about mobility, thanks to the fact that some of the most important road corridors in the city surround it and/or cross it, such as South Highway, 10th Street, Las Vegas Avenue, 12 South Street, and El Poblado Avenue. Its neighbors are the Astorga, La Florida, Alejandría, and, La Aguacatala neighborhoods.

El Tesoro

Unrivaled views of the city, imposing buildings and large green areas, that is how El Tesoro could be summed up, an exclusive neighborhood in Poblado that brings together some of the best real estate projects in the city.

El Tesoro is located southeast of Medellin, neighboring La Florida, Altos del Poblado and Los Balsos I. In terms of mobility, it is easy to get to from the Superior, Inferior and Vía Las Palmas cross roads.

The apartments in the Treasury are distinguished by their modern finishes and good distributions, designed for all lifestyles. In addition, the neighborhood is ideal for those looking for an exclusive sector, a little away from the chaos of the city but connected to all its services.

El Centro de El Poblado

Similar to a small town where you have everything you need at hand, this is the Center of El Poblado. This area, known for being the heart of the commune, brings together a great variety of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, supermarkets, notaries, banks, drugstores, hotels, and much more.

Although the neighborhood is popular for its attractive nightlife and its delicious culinary offer, the apartments in El Poblado take refuge in neighboring spaces, a little more residential and quiet away from the noise.

El Centro de El Poblado borders Lalinde, La Florida, Manila, Astorga and Las Lomas No. 1 neighborhoods. Within the neighborhood there are small sectors that are assumed to be neighborhoods, such as Provenza and Lleras.


Just as it happened in other areas of Poblado, the tall buildings that are currently erected in Castropol occupy the land that previously belonged to large farms and mansions. And is not for less! The rapid urban growth and the high demand for apartments in Castropol have made it one of the best neighborhoods in Medellín to live in.

The name of this area comes from the old Castropol estate of the Echavarría family, who named it this way several years ago in honor of the Asturias region in Spain.

If you decide to buy a home in Castropol, you will be able to enjoy one of the best views of the city and live near the Zona Rosa without disturbing your peace of mind. And best of all, in Castropol you will find much cheaper housing projects compared to other neighborhoods in Poblado.

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