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Advantages of buying a home in Medellin and 5 quick tips to prepare and move to Colombia

Posted by thinkinco on August 27, 2022

Medellin offers city-sized entertainment, beautiful views, and the best weather in the world for less than half the cost of the U.S. I felt the pulse of this exciting city from the moment I first stepped foot on its streets. With an estimated population of 2.5 million, Medellin is not a rural city or small town.

This is a city: cosmopolitan, vibrant, social. I can feel the electricity as I walk through the crowded parks. I smell the grilled meats and savory pan-fried sweetbreads warming up in the tents as I pass. Salsa beats in the background music of the night. Medellín has been on my list of cities to visit since I first visited Colombia years ago.

But why Medellin? I am going to list the things that I have liked about this beautiful city

1 . Freedom to eat out whenever you want. Freedom of not having a car. Freedom to go out with friends. Freedom to wake up with the sun on your face. Freedom to have a maid to cook and clean for you. Freedom to indulge in luxury, without first checking your bank balance. Freedom to live a job Optional life.

2. Located in the center of Colombia, hidden in a valley surrounded by the Andes Mountains, is the second largest city in Colombia; Known as the City of Eternal Spring (The City of Eternal Spring, if you want to improve your Spanish). Medellin is attracting more and more ex-pats and retirees who want to live an active, outdoor lifestyle in a city that has near-perfect weather, affordable health care, good value real estate, and a lower cost of living than many. other cities.

3. Colombia is now ranked #1 on CNBC’s Best Place to Retire, Top 5 by Forbes, and #2 on The New York Times list of places to visit.

4- The city is full of culture, nightlife, museums, theaters, and a great passion for football. Good weather is not only a plus for getting some vitamin D, but it also allows for a vibrant outdoor social scene. I was able to join a large Acroyoga community that met in a large park every weekend.
There were several language exchanges and meetings every week, so you could be as social as you wanted with a mix of locals and foreigners. If you were looking for Culture and Arts, Medellín has you covered.

Views of Medellin

Live Well for less than $1,000 a month or Live Luxuriously for less than $2,000

If you’re already considering living in Medellin to build your retirement savings, it’s a smart move. While still off the radar for most people, Medellin is fast becoming an ideal low-cost retirement city for ex-pats.

Who could blame them? Medellin has beautiful weather, excellent health care, is accessible from the US, an easier local language, and top-notch amenities and infrastructure.

Medellin is on Nomadic FIRE’s top list of places to live for people working toward financial independence and early retirement. One, life is going to be much cheaper here. Currently, the cost of living is about 70% lower than living in the US, while offering many comforts and luxuries not available to many people living in the US or Europe.

My monthly expenses ranged from $850 to $1800 on the high end. My figures include rent, utilities, phone, internet, cable, food, entertainment, and public transportation. At the low end, I still had a maid who cleaned a shared apartment once a week.

At the high end, the expenses were mostly due to a much better condo and eating almost all of my meals at better restaurants. Living in Medellin brings many cost advantages that mean you can live a comfortable lifestyle while saving substantial amounts of money for investments or retirement. Or if you’re already retired, you can live a pretty lavish lifestyle for just a few hundred dollars more than the average social security or pension income.

Any additional savings can be spent to further up the luxury factor or take additional vacations and vacation trips.

To get an idea, consider:
• $4 for a 3-course sit-down lunch at a popular restaurant
• $1 for a 16 oz/.5 L beer
• $300 rent for a fully furnished shared apartment in a nice foreigner neighborhood
• $700 rent for a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment in a very friendly foreign area.

5 quick tips for you to prepare before traveling to Colombia

1. Understand Colombia visa policy

A decade of experience living abroad taught me that a country’s visa and residence permit situation can make or break a plan to move abroad.

2. Learn about the Colombian health system

you can relax knowing that the country has one of the best health programs in the world. Foreigners moving to Colombia for the long term must purchase international health to access the best hospitals and care.

3. Save on moving costs

International moves can be expensive. Find out which are the best moving companies and compare prices so you can save a lot of money.

4. Set up a roaming mailbox

switch all your critical mailing addresses to a roaming mailbox. Don’t lose an important tax return, bank statement, credit card or government document in the mail.

5. Pick up some Spanish skills

The most common difficulty experienced by foreigners in Colombia is that English is less common than expected. Only 4% of the country speaks English. Find out the best courses in the country to avoid any inconvenience when moving to the country.

Last words

Today you have learned that

  1. You can have a comfortable Cost of Living for less than $1000 for all your expenses
  2. You’ll find easily affordable apartments in tree-lined walkable neighborhoods
  3. You will have a Perfect Spring Weather All Year and Beautiful View of the Mountains.

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