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8 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Property in Medellin, Colombia

Posted by Joseph Sexton on June 13, 2022

In this article, I am going to tell you 8 reasons why you should buy a property in Medellin. These are the things that I liked the most about this city, and this is going to tell you why investing in this beautiful city may be the best thing you have ever done.

The Perfect Weather

I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe one morning which is on the way home from the outdoor gym I go to every morning; and while enjoying a cappuccino and a delicious cake – in shorts and a gym shirt – I realized that I could enjoy this outdoor cafe every day of the year.

Add to this the fact that every morning and every afternoon I can enjoy incredible views of the city from my apartment. With no heat or air conditioning, I can leave the windows open and feel the gentle breeze day and night, all year round.

Eating here is also another story; many restaurants have outdoor areas, which allows for a relaxed atmosphere and delicious food to be enjoyed with family and friends all the year.

A Clean and Modern Environment

I was also impressed by the infrastructure of this beautiful city. The fairways are in good condition. The city also has a system of trains, cable cars, trams, and integrated buses called metro; with which with a single ticket you can cross the entire city in less than an hour.

The tap water is drinkable, so you can fill a cup of water with no problem. You can also find high-definition cable television services and high-speed Internet. All of this will allow you to have a very comfortable lifestyle at a price much lower than what you would pay in the United States.

The Culture

With a philharmonic orchestra, multiple theaters, several museums and countless events and shows, Medellín has a good cultural scene that you can access at very low prices, and even on some occasions completely free.

Ideal for Eating Out

In Medellin you will find haute cuisine restaurants that are comparable to anything you have seen in New York, or even in Dubai, in terms of their variety and creativity; to quaint sidewalk cafes with incredible flavors and blends of coffees, fruits too numerous and diverse to mention them all. Here you will find everything and for all tastes.

Everything is Close

I don’t have a car in Medellin, and I don’t really need it at all, everything is within easy reach, within easy walking distance.

I walk to the gym every day, and all the banks, stores, and businesses I need are close by, not to mention the dozens of restaurants and cafes I mentioned earlier.

However, if I need to go downtown or further afield, taxis are plentiful…and the lowest fare is just $1.50; or I can board the subway system with a single ticket that costs less than 1 dollar.

Are there other foreigners?

I’ve seen more Americans here lately than ever, in all parts of the city. Unlike five years ago, Medellín now attracts a large number of retired couples, single women and young people with professional careers.

You can choose between meeting with other foreigners to not feel homesick, or staying among Colombians to avoid the foreign scene. The city is big enough to guarantee your privacy if you prefer to be alone. Some people mix the two lifestyles, live or work in a Colombian environment, but go to the pub to see things like the Super Bowl game.

Low Cost of Living

Over the last five years, I have seen the US dollar at both record levels of weakness and strength. The dollar is exceptionally strong now, which makes life here in Medellin a bargain…about half the price it was a few years ago.

And of course, not having cars (and their associated expenses), heating or air conditioning further lowers the cost of living.

Everything You Need

Here you will not need anything at all. Medellin has everything from mom-and-pop neighborhood stores to high-end malls, from old markets to gleaming supermarkets, from downtown discount clothing bazaars to exclusive boutiques in El Poblado.

Modern and Luxury Properties

Medellín offers a large inventory of properties with modern designs and luxury details at a very good price compared to the American market.

Sales of these properties have gone up in recent years, and I’m not just referring to the number of units sold, but their value has increased significantly, making this business a good investment. The properties you buy here will definitely increase in value in a few years.

At this time you can take advantage of the fact that the dollar is at a good exchange rate with respect to the Colombian peso, and invest in properties that will give you high annual returns.

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